A quick sneak peak to my work.

Beauty lies in simplicity. The simple things in life are beautiful and remarkable.
I find all that I see around me as my object of inspiration inspiration.

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Venom – Night Club, Menu

Psychedelic music, atmosphere and experience of the nightclub to carried in the menu design. The concept being the world goes upside down as the venom (alcohol) enters your system to take your spirits high.

Gallery Sanskriti – Art Collectors Book – Maite Delteil & Maya Burman

Mother Daughter Duo – Maya Burman and Maite Delteil desired an Art Collectors Book with works of both the French painters distinctly displayed. So, I designed the book “The Smile of the hearth” using an interesting Z-Bind to beautifully combine their two styles in one form.

Blue & Blues – Sinfully Coloured Italian Leather Bags

A Portfolio case printed to paper to give the leather look, holding the profile of the company for an International representation at a fair.